Monday, January 5, 2009

Skinny Jeans and Boots

My fiance (boyfriend at the time) and I were in Italy when I realized skinny jeans were not for me. All the Italian girls wore them. If you want to be surrounded with fashion, beauty and style, go there. You would think I would be intimidated or insecure around them, but I wasn't. I too admired their beauty. Everything they wore looked great. It seemed like their accessories were perfect and the way they carried themselves made me wish I was born and raised in Italy.

My fiance commented on how he loved the style in Italy. He said he loved the jeans. "Style!?!", I asked. "You just like the style because of the girls wearing it. You probably wouldn't like any of these outfits on the average American, even me for that matter. He admitted that I had a point. But what he said next cracks me up to this day. Before I reveal it, I must caution you. My fiance has never ever made a negative comment on how I look. He always tells me I look perfect the way I am and that he doesn't like girls that look too skinny. He has even said that he thinks Victoria'a Secret girls are WAY too thin and that he would never want me to look like that. Ok, now I can continue....So I said, "I could never wear those jeans!" He thought about it for a second and said, "Well, their legs are like sticks, straight up and down...(**deep in thought**)...I guess you are right, you would look like a heart."

A heart. Classic.

Now I am not a rocker-chick type girl and I don't like skinny jeans on certain people at all, especially when they accentuate legs that are way too skinny. But there is nothing I wouldn't give to wear a pair of skinnies with sexy high-heeled, just-below-the-knee boots! So the other day I thought I would go look at some of those boots. Since I am losing weight I thought that I wouldn't look like a plump heart anymore, I would look more like a deflated one.

Um...none of the boots fit over my calves!!!!!!!!! I was mortified. I knew I had big calves but come on! They wouldn't fit on my bare skin. How the heck am I supposed to fit a dang jean in there too?????? Ugh. I guess that look is not in the cards for me. Bootleg it is, for now.


  1. I have huge thighs, so skinny jeans just make them look bigger.

    I've been dying for boots, but I can't seem to find cute ones that fit.

  2. Ya, thats what I mean about heart shape, the butt and thighs are the top and then your feet make up the tip. Maybe some day.

  3. For years I've always looked at pictures and said I want to look like that or I want to wear that,unfortunatly I had to come to grips with the fact that I was built a certain way and I may never look exactly like that or wear a specific type of clothing,but I need to embrace the way I do look and carry myself well.Most important,wear what feels good and looks good.Self confidence is the best outfit.

  4. I must admit though,One of my rewards when I do lose the weight is a pair of True Religon Jeans :)Hopefully I can get a pair tailored to my body type