Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 51- "50 Days, No Excuses"

Wow, 50 days until my wedding. For the sake of not making excuses I weighed in this morning. Damage has been done but not as much damage as I thought. I honestly thought I was going to be 140...I was 137.6. I think I can still reach my mini goal of 135 by February 10th.

BF: Cheerios (145) with fresh blueberries (25), Lunch: salad (lettuce, tomato, black beans, grilled chicken, few croutons) (??), 1 1/2 scrambled eggs (120), Snack: Fiber One bar (140), 1/3 c. milk (30), Dinner: 1/2 grapefruit (60), handful of peanuts, kiddie-size ice cream from Marble Slab.

I went to the park today and covered 2.5 miles. I speed-walked a full mile, ran a full mile, walked 1/4 and then ran 1/4. Next time I go I am going to try to run a full 2. I haven't ran in a really really long time. I just don't like running in my neighborhood anymore. It is so boring. When I lived in St. Pete for a few months I would run a bridge that was so awesome words cannot express. I was surrounded by water, other runners and a cool ocean breeze. Everytime I ran there I felt thankful to be alive and I pushed myself so hard. I wish I had a place like that to go to now.

When I got home I attempted to do the Shred level 3. I was pretty tired from running but I told myself I could eat ice cream for dinner if I did the Shred. Well, I got about half way through it and had to stop. I was beat.

My eating wasn't ideal today. I work the next 3 days in a row so i will bring healthy meals to work and hopefully see some results by Monday.


  1. That's plenty of time, stick to it. =)
    PS. I dropped 3 pounds the week before my wedding and I wasn't doing anything different...probably stress.

  2. Good Job woman! You're doing great. I haven't done so well these past two weeks, no excuses, I've just gotten bored... But I MAINTAINED! So that's an improvement to my usual, as you and I both well know. But it was back on the bandwagon today though, and I did pretty well.

    Not to dampen your running spirits, but did I tell you that the Gandy Bridge is closed indefinitely? It started to crumble, and since it isn't government funded, they just shut it down... I've been running Bayshore Blvd now though, which has a similar effect... the wide open bay and the city stretching out infront of you, other runners, nice breeze, just no massive hill to climb =) ... it was pretty awesome the other day...