Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 37

I started the day doing the Shred Level 2 with my fiance. Its pretty funny to see our coordination weaknesses. He's no pro at the oblique twists and I am equally funny doing the ski move. I followed the Shred with 200 butt lifts, 100 on each side. I also spent some time last night and this morning working on the whole pull-up, chin-up thing. Not too much progress so far.

BF: (eaten at lunch time) Cheerios (145), hard-boiled egg (80), small peach (70?), Lunch: homemade wrap (275), Activia yogurt (110), Post-second-workout snack: a few tablespoons of natural peanut butter (300), Dinner: ziti again, 1 slice of white bread with Smart Balance spread.

I took a cycling class at 5:30. It was pretty intense. It wasn't with the lady I talked about yesterday. Unfortunately her class was at 4:15 and I missed it.


  1. I got a few different kinds to try.. I'll look for those next time I go to Publix! I like them though.

    I actually managed to get a little color last weekend at the beach. I may end up resorting to some self tanner so I look cute in my shower dresses next weekend!

    When's your shower?

    And I think I'm going to shred tonight instead of run.

  2. I don't know the exact date of my shower yet. My aunt is planning it. I think March 7th though. The Shred rocks. It really works everything.

    Ya you gotta try those. They have whole almonds in them. Let me know if you find a really good one though. The one I eat is the only one I have tried.

  3. Aww the is 12 degrees today where I live in KS! And that doesn't even count the wind chill was -6 this morning when I went to work!
    Great job on the workouts! You are going to be so toned for your wedding. :)