Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 33

I must be dehydrated because when I stepped on the scale this morning I almost fell off: 136.6. I think the Activia is working, LOL. I actually went to the bathroom yesterday.

Today I am going to my parent's house to work on setting up my invites with my mom. I will eat breakfast here, bring a Zone bar and hopefully only have one meal there before returning. Eating there always gets me in trouble.

I tried the chin-up this morning was quite comical. Everytime I try I feel like I stretch my shoulders out of their sockets and all my muscles get ripped apart. Not in a good way.

Very weird day as far as eating goes for me...BF: Zone bar, Snack: slice of, you guessed it, krem snjita, at my mom's house, Lunch (if you wanna call it that): a few grapes and about 6 tea cookies made with walnuts and raisins, Dinner: bowl of chicken noodle soup, 3 more tea cookies. Talk about carb overload today.

I think I will be well enough to hit the gym tomorrow morning before work.


  1. I really think I'm going to have to get me some of these Zone bars you eat all the time....

    And about the red velvet balls, didn't you see my disclaimer at the top to stop reading?! I believe they are the reason I got a raise at work the other day. My boss is absolutely obsessed with them!!

    And thanks about the e-pics! I looooove them. Our photog was a North Florida Knottie trying to expand her portfolio. I'm thinking of talking her into a boudoir shoot... Hmm.. We'll see if I get the courage!

    Good luck with your invites!! We sent ours out yesterday :)

  2. Ah, I always get in trouble at my mom's house. She has chocolate bars, Oreos, and all sort of goodies just out on the countertops....