Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pro Pics!

I got a few pro pics today and as promised I will show you guys some! I will probably post more on my new blog as I get them in. The photographers are amazing!!! I just hated posing with my "serious" face. It felt a little unnatural but some of the shots turned out great.

My dress:
The bouquet:
Me being serious, lol:

My favorite:
Thanks so much for reading girls and thanks for all the support! I hope to see you on my new blog!
Lots of love,

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Blog!

Well, after 3 weeks of marriage I finally started my new blog! You can find it in my profile. I titled it "Fit, Sexy, Super-Wife". I plan on focusing on fitness, but including some posts on sex appeal, decorating, buying a home, cooking...all that good newlywed stuff. I hope to see you girlies there!

I am still waiting for some pro pics to post. Hopefully I'll have them soon. =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm MARRIED!!! Well, yesterday I came back from my Honeymoon so I thought it would only be right to finish up this blog. =)

The week before my wedding was a disaster. I went "home" to my parents' house on Monday night. Monday morning was the last time I weighed in before the wedding...I was 132.something. Right before I left to go out of town I had a complete meltdown. I was upset because I didn't get to pack for my Honeymoon so I was having to bring everything I owned with me. My car was jam packed and I was a nervous mess. I thought I would have time to get things perfect before I left. Ugh. I was wrong.

So once I got home I had a million family members from out of the country awaiting my arrival. It was wonderful seeing them all! But I couldn't help being depressed because it was pouring rain like a hurricane all of Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday. It didn't look so good for my Friday outdoor wedding. I had a few major crying sessions and I was running around town all three days like a crazy woman. I was trying to pack for my Honeymoon and buy last minute Honeymoon necessities (backpack, hiking socks, few shirts, travel cosmetics, etc). I also had a lot of wedding details to finish up.

During the time that I was home, I didn't diet too much but then again I didn't pig out. I got to workout twice...very short workouts that involved running a few blocks and doing all sorts of circuit exercises using my body weight and 5 pound hand weights. Each workout was about 30 minutes long but I made them count.

It rained on the morning of my wedding but it cleared up by about 1pm. I got to have my outdoor ceremony! We even got to take a second session of outdoor pictures at 11:30pm or so right before a storm hit once again! We got pretty lucky. The morning of the wedding didn't go too smoothly. I wish that I had gotten a lot of details done way ahead of time and planned out that day better. I was pretty stressed out until about 3pm.

The wedding turned out to be beautiful! The flowers and centerpieces were amazing. The food was awesome, the music was good. Frankie looked so handsome and I was so happy to finally be his wife. Everyone seemed to have a great time. It passed so quickly! I am just anxiously waiting to get the photos from the photographer.

In the end, I can honestly say that my hard work payed off. I was really pleased with the changes I made in my body. I didn't feel uncomfortable in my own skin like I feared. I felt AWESOME! I got a million compliments. One of my second cousins actually made me go to the bathroom with her during a brunch the day after the wedding in order to show her my abs. She said I inspired her!

I think there will only be two more posts on this blog. One, to show off some wedding pics. And two, to give the link to my new "married" fitness blog once I start it.

Thank you everyone so much for all of your support. I don't know how I would have done this without so much positive feedback and encouragement. Doing this blog kept me accountable and motivated for 100 days. Thats more than I ever really expected.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 94

I cannot believe I am getting married 1 week from today!!!!!! Craziness! Morning weigh-in: 134.0. I woke up early and went to the gym. I did some lower body weight lifting. I am still not 100%.

Off to my last 12 hour shift before the wedding....

BF: Cheerios (145)....more to come...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 93

Morning weigh-in: 134.2. Nice fluctuation huh? Well I did eat like a maniac yesterday. This will probably go down by tomorrow.

BF: Cheerios (145), Lunch: Zone bar (190), Dinner: pasta and sauce (300), 3 large slices of ice cream cake...prob 1000+, who knows?

I am still feeling a little sick. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. My goal is to workout before my 12 hour shift, maybe do legs. It will depend on how sick I feel in the morning.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 92

Morning weigh-in: 132.2.

I woke up sick and called out sick from work. Being sick sucks but at least I will be able to get a few things done, such as table seating.

Be prepared to laugh....

BF: McDonald's ice cream cone, hehe (200), Snack: 4 munchkins from Dunkin Donuts (220), Lunch: poppyseed bagel (410) and cream cheese (150), apple (100)....1080 so far...Snack: small bowl of Cheerios (110), Dinner: pasta and marinara sauce, bean salad (450?), 3 cookies (350)...total: 1990. Yikes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Crazy Catch-up

Ok, I have be MIA! Here's the short of it...

Day 86

I worked a 12 hour shift in preparation for a really fun weekend ahead. I can honestly say that I don't remember what I ate all day. My knee was really bothering me in the morning so I didn't workout. I ate a bunch of cookies right before bed. I stayed up really late to pack for the weekend.

Day 87

Morning weigh-in: 135.4. I got up and ran a bunch of errands before I headed to South Florida. My knee was killing me once again so I decided to let it heal and not workout. I picked up two wonderful friends from the airport (who came all the way from Texas and New York for my bridal shower). We spent most of the day at the mall and then went out to dinner, which was really fun but I ate like crazy.

BF: Cheerios, Snack: Zone bar, Lunch: 1/4 of a sub, 2 pieces of a California roll, Dinner: New York strip steak, baked potato, salad, piece of bread and butter, few glasses of wine.

Day 88

My Bridal Shower! And Bach Party!!! Ok, I had a GREAT day. I woke up and had a small workout. I ran 1/4 mile, did some weights, ran another 1/4 and did a few circuits. I had a wonderful time at my shower, even though I ate LOTS of food...steak, salmon, caesar salad, fruit, cake, more cake, cookies, etc. Later I went to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, where my friends got a room and decorated it wonderfully. We had a blast...we danced till 6am. I slept from 7-10 and woke up for the check-out.

Day 89

At 6am, after all the dancing, I ate a fatty smothered chicken sandwich and fries. It really made me lose my appetite for the day. Especially since I drank so much alcohol. I had 1/2 smoked turkey and cheddar wrap for lunch. For dinner I nibbled on some desserts left over from the shower and a small sandwich. I also had a few bites of pasta.

Day 90

I weighed-in at 132.4!!!!!!!! I almost died on the spot. But then again I was severely dehydrated from the weekend. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted for the rest of the day, including a huge bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. I had some amazing pasta for dinner that Frankie made and about 400 calories worth of cookies.

Day 91

Morning weigh-in: 135.3. Ok, back to normal. But then again I do have my period. I went to South Florida AGAIN today for a few appointments. Last night I got 4 hours of sleep and I woke up with a sore throat. All this craziness is catching up with me.

BF: Zone bar, Snack: piece of chocolate, Lunch: small sandwich, Dinner: really big sandwich, 1 1/2 slices of my mom's "Krem Snjita" (cream slices), a piece of some other kind of dessert.

I am hoping I am not too sick for work tomorrow. I really need to get back into the workout scene. My goal is to get in 3 good weight lifting workouts before the wedding, at least 1 Shred and run a few miles. I also wanna get some push-ups in. I can't believe I only have 9 more days!!!!

Oh, by the way, I had my final dress fitting today. The dress looked AWESOME!!!! I was so happy with it. The bad news: It was a LOT tighter 2 weeks ago. If I lose 1 more pound it will be too big. I wanted the lady to take it in a little more at the waist but she didn't feel it was the right thing to do. Now I can't lose any more weight, which actually upset me earlier. I wish the dress was tighter. We'll see how it goes.