Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 81

Yay, my cousin's wedding day! AND my really good friend Christina's! I wish I could have gone to both. Well, my goal was to be as close to 135.0 today as possible. I weighed-in at 135.3. I'll take it! I am kinda excited to see my whole family because I know people will notice my weight loss.

I'm off for the weekend!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 79 and 80 Catch-up

Day 79

Another 12 hour shift and no workout. But I was really on track as far as eating goes. I probably ate around 1300 calories for the day. My stress level has been out of control lately. In fact, I don't even know where my head is these days. To prove my point, let's just say I commited an ultimate no-no...I forgot my best friend's birthday, which was yesterday, the 25th. I didn't call her or anything. It just completely slipped my mind. If you know me, you know its VERY unlike me to commit such a no-no. All is well, she forgave me. She is getting married in a few months so I think she understands. I love her. =)

Day 80

Morning weigh-in: 135.3! I am excited about this because for the last few days I have been weighing in around 137.4-137.9. I felt really bloated those days but I couldn't figure out why. I think I just needed a good workout.

Today was a really busy day. I accomplished a lot nonetheless. I went to a cycling class (WOOHOO), tanned, went shopping, packed for the weekend, cooked a fabulous dinner for my soon-to-be hubby and ran other little crazy errands. I bought him a shirt and tie for the wedding tomorrow and he looks SO HOT in it. I am pretty excited about tomorrow. The only thing I have left to do tongiht is paint my nails.

BF: Cheerios (220), Lunch: 1/2 Subway turkey sub (this time I had cheese) I dunno...400? Snack: vanilla cone from McDonald's (it was a small one this time, 200), Snack 2: slice of rye bread and Smart Balance spread (200?), Dinner: white rice (250) and chicken chilli (250) 1340. Not a bad day. I don't know if eating the beans tonight was a good idea since it might make me bloated for tomorrow. We'll see.

Today marks exactly 3 weeks until my wedding!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 78

I woke up even more sore today than on yesterday. I went to bed at 2am so I didn't wanna wake up at 5:30 and do the cycling class before my 12 hour shift. I am going to have to get to bed early tonight. There is no excuse for me to not workout tomorrow morning before work. I only have three days before my cousin's wedding and my stomach has to be completely flat for the dress I got. This means extra water for the next few days. I can't risk being bloated.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 77

I am running to go out of town so I will have to post later. I am SO SORE from yesterday's workout, FINALLY a good one!

Second fitting today!


Well, here we go...I was so busy today that the only things I ate till about 8:15pm were: BF: Cheerioes (145), hard-boiled egg (80) and "Lunch": vanilla cone from McDonald's (250) at about 8:15pm I had: a large bowl of pasta with my mom's veggie and beef sauce and parm cheese, 3 slices of cheese with 2 slices of white bread, about 10 wafer cookies and one more large slice of white bread with Nutella. I'm going to guess between 1500 and 1600 for the day, if not more.

Second ugh....

I had my fitting. The good news is that the lady fitted me perfectly last time and the tops half of the dress fits me like a glove. And even if I were to lose 10 more pounds (which obviously I won't and don't even want to), it would not have to be taken in because the dress is completely flat against my ribs...there is nothing I could lose in that area. Here's the bad news...I'm not that sure I like my dress anymore now that it is hemmed. When I first tried on the dress, it was super long and I was standing on one of those stands, so the dress was even hanging down below my feet. I looked so tall, long, lean and elegant. Now that it is hemmed, I feel so short in it and my waist doesn't seems as small. I put my hair down and the I put on the veil to complete the look...I felt like a complete snow beast. It was totally not what I wanted to look like on my wedding day. Like, no sex appeal, no great style, nothing. Ugh...I am thinking I am just having a bad day. The two ladies in the fitting room with me, my mom, and the seamstress, were both abnormally thin and tiny women. Maybe I just felt all big and boxy next to them. I am hoping I will completely change my mind by my next fitting, in exactly 2 weeks.

Third ugh....

I didn't do the Shred as planned today because of my hectic schedule.

On a more positive note, we finished our registries! One less thing to worry about.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 76

Today was a really good day. I woke up and had a killer upper body workout and did 20 minutes on the stair master. I got to tan afterwards before going into work.

Post-workout snack: protein shake (150), BF: Cheerios (145), hard-boiled egg (80), Lunch: grilled chicken (100), mac and cheese (220), Snack: a bunch of apple slices (160), sample of salmon the grocery store was serving (70), Dinner: WW meal (300), Snack: Wherther's originals (60), 2 cookies (100), 3 pieces of chocolate (126) 1511. It would have been 1225 without the liitle snack binge after dinner...oh well.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 75

Morning weigh-in: 135.1! I woke up and completed about 1.2 miles around the complex. I ran 0.7 miles straight in 5:45. The air was cold and as soon as I started running I could feel that my body wasn't in the mood. But I pushed through to see how fast I could do it. Its amazing that I didn't puke right afterwards. The combination of the cold air and my body being so tired made me gag as I walked the rest of the way home. Now I kinda know what the people on the Biggest Loser feel like.

I only work 7 hours today. My fiance said he would do 10 minute abs with me tonight so so far I am on track with my little workout plan.

BF: Cheerios with fresh blueberries (180), Snack: hot chocolate (80), Lunch: turkey sub on wheat from deli (375), Snack: Wherther's (25), Snack: Raisinets (definatley my new addiction/weakness, 190), Snack: whole small grapefruit (110), Dinner: salad (15), chicken (85), rice (200), salsa (50), sour cream (60), chocolate (85)...1455.

I did the 10 minute abs video with my fiance before dinner. I also did some push-ups, squats and shoulder raises. Tomorrow is upper body and stair master.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 74

Post-cheat day weigh-in: 135.8. Not too shabby since I still have 90% of that junk in my tummy. Unfortunately I have to work all weekend. I switched shifts with my partner so that I would be able to have next weekend off for my cousin's wedding. Oh well, I will have the next 2 weekends off in a row.

My plan is to stay under 1600 today.

BF: Cheerios (145), Snack: Zone bar (190), Snack 2: hot chocolate made with water (80), Snack 3: sample of chicken the grocery store was serving (60), Lunch: turkey sub on wheat (no cheese) from the deli (370), Snack: Wherther's (25), Snack: frozen yougurt (300...some snack, I know), Dinner: salad (20), salsa (75), rice (160), chicken (150), cookie (100) 1675 (close to goal).

I have to workout tomorrow, I have been slacking like crazy...this week's goal is to workout, even if only 20 minutes each day, until this Saturday's wedding.

Plan (not set in stone but you get the idea):
Sunday: walk/run around complex before work, 10 minute abs after work
Monday: upper body, 20 minute stair master
Tuesday: Shred
Wednesday: Cycling class, 10 minute abs after work
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Shred, upper body

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 73

Morning weigh-in: 134.6. Don't ask me how this is possible. I have been under a lot of wedding stress lately so maybe thats it. I am pretty much at wedding goal right now but we'll see. I'd kinda like to get down to 132. This is only because my aunt and uncle from Germany are coming in the week before the wedding and he's a chef...haha...and my aunt makes crazy cakes and pastries...there is no doubt in my mind that I will gain 2 pounds the week of. Plus I am keeping in mind all the goodies and alcohol that will be served at my bridal shower and bach party in 2 weeks.

I planned on going to the gym this morning but things got a little hectic. I had to make 100 wedding phone calls at 9am. We went to my fiance's dad's long-term girlfriend's home and she gave us each a facial. It was very relaxing. We ended up having dinner with them and staying really late.

My eating was a disaster today. But I am perfectly ok with that. Cheat days are necessary here and there.

BF: 1 cup skim milk (90), Lunch: pork salad at our favorite restaurant in Satellite Beach (white rice, black beans, tons on sour cream, lettuce, salsa, chopped cabbage, pickled carrots, special spicy sauce, Hawiian style pulled pork on top), worth every calorie, Snack: 4 single wrapped chocolates, Dinner: Carrabas: Chicken Gratella (630), house salad (45) with creamy dressing (???), garlic mashed potatoes (???), 2 slices of bread (150), mixed veggies (50), tiramisu (???)...I would guess close to 2500-3000 calories for the day. Well, I guess every metabolism needs a little kick in the pants every once in a while.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 72

I almost don't even wanna post my weight this morning. The scale actually scared me. I didn't eat enough calories yesterday and I must be dehydrated. I stepped on and it said 134.3. Now, while people may think thats great, I had mixed emotions. The last thing I wanna do is lose muscle and with fast weight loss, thats exactly what happens. I would rather be 137 on my wedding day and look toned than 130 and look like skin and bone. Tomorrow and Saturday I plan on lifting some heavy duty weight and chugging some protein shakes afterwards. I mean, don't get me wrong, I would love to be 135.something tomorrow. I just didn't expect to see 134 for another week or two.

I work another 12 today...

BF: Cheerios and fresh blueberries (175), Snack: bag of Raisinets, hehe (190), Lunch: homemade sandwich (210), Greek yogurt (130), lemonade (5), Dinner: WW meal (300), Wherther's original (25), Snack: Boca chicken patty (160), 2 slices of wheat bread (100), chocolate (120) 1415.

Not too bad. Again, not enough protein. Tomorrow I am going to go for lots of protein and some major working out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 71

HOLY ****! I weighed-in at 135.5 this morning!!! I almost died on the spot. I can't remember being that weight, EVER. I don't have any memory of being under 137 (which I was in 6th and 7th grade). AND I had all that cake and steak and other junk last night. I seriously thought I would be 138 this morning. I must be dehydrated but I'll take it! My goal is to be as close to 135.0 as I can on Feb 28th (my cousin's wedding). I am planning on being 136.something tomorrow but just to see 135.something was a thrill!

Ok, off to work 12 hours...

BF: blueberry oatmeal (160), Snack: Kraft mac n' cheese bowl (220), Lunch: homemade sandwich: 2 slices of wheat (100), turkey (60), WW cream cheese (60), lemonade (5), Snack: small sample of chili the grocery store was serving (60?), Small plum (30?), few Mentos (30), Dinner: (embarrassing) vanilla cone from McDonald's (150 supposedly, lets say 200), Snack: few chocolate covered raisins (40) 970. I am really not proud of this way too low number. I am also not proud of the types of foods I ate (nutrition was lacking). I have been feeling kinda sick all day. I hope I am not coming down with something. All day I was kinda hungry but nothing sounded good. Tomorrow I will eat 1400-1600 calories most likely. I don't wanna lose the muscle I worked so hard to gain.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 70

Today was my mom's birthday so my fiance and I surprised her by coming home and having dinner with her and my dad. I bought her a killer pair of Guess shoes that she absolutely LOVES! I was so excited.

BF: Cheerios (145), Lunch: frozen yogurt, fat free, medium, on cake cone (?), Snack: about 10 shrimp and cocktail sauce, Dinner: steak, 1/2 small baked potato with sour cream, small serving of bean salad, 1 roll, few slices of tomato, large slice of cake, Snack: a little more cake.

Not the best day...but I resisted all the horrible food at the food court for lunch. I know frozen yogurt wasn't the best thing in the world.

The wedding stress is starting to get to me. I am tired and very grumpy at the moment.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 69

I'm off from work today. I'm heading to the gym right now to lift weights, then tan, then probably go for an outdoor run...I have a million errands to run today and I'm determined to stay productive.

Well, the day was pretty productive I must say, although I didn't do everything on my check list. I had a really hardcore leg workout at the gym. Then I went to the tanning salon where I got some kinda light facial, hydration therapy and a 10 minute tan. I came home and did laundry, showered and went shopping. I found a dress for my cousin's wedding! FINALLY! Its pretty sexy I must say, even though it emphasizes the fact that I have no boobs whatsoever. It is long, black and has an open back. I got it at BCBG and get this....its a size 4! I know, I can't believe it either. Its only cause my upper body is so small. I needed a 6 or 8 in the dresses that were fitted in the butt. With all this running around today I didn't eat too much.

Post-workout snack: protein shake (110), BF: Cheerios and fresh blueberries (175), Lunch: Zone bar (190), Dinner: plain baked potato (320) and large chili (280) from Wendy's, Snack: fresh strawberries (50) 1125.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 68

Morning weigh-in: 136.9. The chocolate chip cookie cake was worth 0.2 pounds, haha.

I woke up this morning and did 3 laps around my complex (2.1 miles). I walked 1/2 of a lap, ran 2 straight (1.4 miles) and then walked the rest. I completed the 1.4 miles in 12 min, 50 sec. It took me 6 min, 40 sec. to do the first so I wanted to beat that time in the second lap (I did, 6 min, 10 sec.).

I work from 10-5 today. Then I am stopping by a co-worker's baby shower. Maybe I will get to fit in some form on exercise tonight.

I am lazy to blog all of my food intake for the day. Let's just say that I was perfect until about 5:30, when I went to a baby shower. I had a slice of cake. When I got home I continued the madness. I will skip a weigh-in or two but I expect good results by Wed morning.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 67

Happy Valentine's Day!

Morning weigh-in: 136.7! I finally broke the 137 marker once again. Hopefully I will see 135.something soon. Even if it is 135.9 I will flip. I haven't seen that in over 12 years!

Today I work a 10 hour shift. My plan is to do my nails tonight but it is V-Day and all, so I might have to post-pone that till tomorrow. I woke up so extremely sore. I think it is the 99 push-ups from the other day combined with the lunges and squats. Tomorrow, even though I work, I will try to either run or do the Shred.

BF: plain oatmeal (150) with cinnamon and 3/4 of an apple (75), Snack: hot chocolate (80), Snack 2: Zone bar (190), Lunch: homemade sandwich (260), few slices of kiwi (30?), 1/2 grapefruit (60)...845...then I got bad...2 slices of rye bread (250?) with WW cream cheese (60) and ham (60) about 1275...but then: about a 3x3 inch slice of chocolate chip cookie cake and a glass of milk. Yikes, who knows how many calories were in that. It was really dense and really stuffed me up. But at least I finished eating it around 8:15pm and I won't eat anything else for the rest of the night. So maybe I will go to bed slightly hungry. Of well, at least I was good all day up until then.

I hope this doesn't mean I will be way above the 137 mark tomorrow.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 66

Morning weigh-in: 137.0. Yay, I can't wait to weigh-in on Sunday and see what the scale does once Flo goes away (she vacations with me for a while).

This morning I walked one lap around my complex (0.7 of a mile) and did Tony Horton's 10 Minute Abs. I am working a 12 hour shift today.

BF: Cheerios and fresh blueberries (180), Snack: hot chocolate made with water (80), Lunch: 1/2 homemade wrap (145), 1/2 grapefruit (60), Snack: some mints and a Wherther's Original (85), Snack 2: Zone bar (190), Dinner: 1/2 homemade wrap (145), 1/2 grapefruit (60), Snack: another hot choclate (80), Snack/Dinner 2: small slice of rye bread with Smart balance (120), small bowl of chicken soup (150) 1295.

Not too bad. I also did 40 squats at work (during my bathroom breaks of course). I know, who works out in the bathroom? Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Oh by the way, a co-worker came up to me today with a huge tray of Valentine goodies...from chocolate to rice krispy treats, to homemade cookies and cupcakes. There were even brownies and these little Reese's treats that looked so good! And it was free. I simply said, no thank you. He said he would put it in the lobby and I could grab anything I wanted later in the day. Trust me, all day I walked over to the bathroom that is further away so that I wouldn't pass them and be tempted.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beauty Regimen Begins

Despite the fact that I am extremely against tanning beds, I signed up for a month membership at the local tanning salon. I got a free tan today and my membership will run from 2/16 to 3/16. I won't be getting a ton out of it though. Because of my 12 hour shifts, I will only have about 10 days to tan. This is also because I will be out of town on a few days I have off. The place is open till 9:30 on Mon-Thurs and I get off of work at I may be able to sneak a few sessions in on those days (unlikely because I have to stay late at work on most days).

Anyway, next I want to start taking better care of my nails. I am going to give myself a little manicure on Saturday night and start applying nail hardener as they grow. Hopefully they will be lovely by the wedding.

I also want to schedule a facial in the near future.

Day 65

My poor fiance is sick. We think it is food poisoning. I didn't weigh-in today. I feel pretty bloated. I will tomorrow though.

I have a lot of errands to run today but my plan is to be super-productive and do something to whip my body into shape. I wanna do at least 2 workouts. I think I am going to take some body shots after this period and post them so we can see if there are any changes in the next month.

BF: Cheerios (145) with 2 oz. fresh blueberries (30), Post-workout snack: 1 cup skim milk (90), Lunch: Zone bar (190), Snack: few grapes while cooking dinner (40?), Dinner: homemade chicken and dumpling soup, 1 bowl (350?), 2 small/medium slices of rye bread (200?) with Smart Balance spread (50), Snack: mini pig-out on blueberries and strawberries (120) about 1245 if I am estimating correctly.

Workout #1: I just completed 3.5 miles outdoors! I know this isn't much to the runners out there but I haven't ran regularly in ages. Well, my complex is 0.7 miles around. I walked one lap, ran 3 straight (2.1 miles! in exactly 21 minutes), then walked a lap. During that final lap I did 100 walking lunges! I feel great. (My knees are pretty sore right now, especially the right one...I hope this pain is very temporary).

Workout #2: The goal was to see if I could do 100 push-ups in 10 minutes. I tried this once before a few months ago. The previous time I managed to do 99, lol, of which only 20 or so were "real" and the rest were on my knees. On this attempt I did 40 real ones in 3:15! Then I just didn't have the power to do real ones anymore. Oddly enough I did 99 again, lol. My whole upper body was one big cramp. It was an awesome workout. Hopefully on my next attempt I will do 100 and over 50 will be real ones.

Tagged Again!

I was tagged by my newest follower, Jenny Lo ( to list 6 things that make me smile. Here we go:

1. My fiance cracks me up on a daily basis, almost hourly basis. I am so lucky in that respect.

2. Any kind of animal. I love watching them do their thing. It always cheers me up. Especially if it is something silly such as the following:

3. My family. A good sense of humor is pretty hereditary in my experience. Listening to my cousin Sandra is always hilarious.

4. My friends. I love them. I have such loyal, trustworthy, caring friends. I feel blessed.

5. Seeing the number go down on the scale, haha.

6. Thinking about my fiance refering to me as his "wife". Weird, but so cute.

I am tagging the following:

Nicole (

Devon (

Amber (

JC1234 (

Counting Down (

Soontobehealthybride (

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 64

I wasn't going to weigh-in today because of Flo but I figured what the heck: 137.6. I am hoping to see a little drop once this is over, maybe Saturday.

Another 12 hour shift today. Ugh, this schedule sucks when you are trying to plan a wedding. I can't do anything on the days that I work except make a phone call or two.

I am pretty lazy to blog all my food intake for the day. Basically I stayed under 1600 calories but ended up eating pretty late due to work. I had my usual Cheerios in the morning and a few snacks afterwards. My co-worker brought in a platter of fruit and cheese so I nibbled on apples, grapes and some cheese thoughout the early afternoon. I also had a sample of chicken, rice and veggies the grocery store was serving. Mainly my day consisted of snacks, not meals.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 63

137.7 again this morning. Not bad. I am expecting my time of the month either today or tomorrow and I definatley feel bloated. Plus I know I have been good for the past 2 days so no worries.

Today I drove down to go to pick up my fiance's ring, go to a cake tasting and have my first dress fitting. All went pretty well. I am still waiting to hear from the cake lady to see what she would charge. Frankie's ring fits perfectly! The fitting was short and sweet...a few pins were put in place and I was on my way.

BF: Cheerios (145), Snack: Zone bar (190), Snack: cake tasting (I tried not to go crazy) (350?), Lunch: 1 slice of white bread (90?) with a piece of ham (20) and a Kraft American Single (70), 1 orange (80), Dinner: Small bowl of mom's homemade soup, 2 bigger slice of white bread (200?), 1 Kraft single (70), 1 cookie (200?)...I am guessing I ate around 1600 calories, maybe a little more.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Ten Thing I Love

The lovely Irene ( tagged me to write about 10 things that I love that start with the letter "C". I am very proud of myself for responding to her tag because I am usually very lazy about things like this, hehe...

1. Croatia: I was born in Croatia and moved to Florida with my parents when I was 5 years old. Croatia is a beautiful country. I got to take my fiance there a few years ago and he loved it. If you ever decide to go, don't miss the city of Dubrovnik (very romantic!).

2. Chocolate: Yes, I can't live without it. I prefer milk chocolate over the rest. A year ago I discovered the beauty of putting some white chocolate chips into my oatmeal. It was a short-lived love affair. I was addicted and had to stop myself from ever buying those chips again.

3. Cardio: Oh wait, wrong post, not "Things I Hate". Its a rare occasion that I actually enjoy doing cardio. I love a good run here and there. I like long walks. I like a good workout video that kicks my butt. I do, however, like to....

4. Cycle: Cyclying class kicks my butt. I dread going but I feel empowered afterwards. Each time I walk out of one I feel like I accomplished something great. Then I want to sleep.

5. Carbs: LOL, you would think I was writing in a weight-gain blog. But yes, I love them.

6. Cameras: I love taking pictures. My fiance and I are on the hunt to finding the perfect camera for our honeymoon. We want something kinda fancy but not too bulky. I also want a new mini one for everyday use. You gotta love the memories a picture captures.

7. Campfires: Nothing beats crowding around a fire on a cold night with close friends, music and stories. Alcohol and smores make it even better. I might as well add canoeing under this one.

8. Canada: Frankie and I got engaged in Banff, Canada. It was so gorgeous there. The mountains were spectacular and we saw lots of animals, which I adore.

9. Conversation: My fiance claims that my favorite hobby is talking on the phone. I love catching up with old friends. I love laying in bed with my fiance and spending a good hour talking about random stuff that gets our minds thinking.

10. Cards: I love sending them, receiving them, making them and saving them. Its an all-around feel-good thing.

I am sure I missed some of my favorite things. Here is a picture Frankie took of me in Croatia:

Day 62

I weighed-in this morning at 137.7. Obviously I am not meeting tomorrow's goal of 135, especially since I am about to get my period. But I was actually surprised to see that number. I was sure that I would be 140 or more after the weekend that I just had.

I plan on being good again all day today. 12 hour shift and a crazy busy day out of town tomorrow.

BF: Cheerios (145), Snack: Zone bar (190), Snack 2: hot chocolate made with water (80), Lunch: 1/4 turkey sub (180), Snack: other 1/4 of turkey sub (180), Wherther's original (30), Snack 2: WW muffin (180), Dinner: plain oatmeal (150), 1/2 apple (50) 1185.

A co-worker ate 2 big donuts and a large regular Coke in front of me today. I must be re-motivated because I wasn't tempted to eat donuts or cheat at all. I kinda felt bad for her because she was trying really hard to stick with her diet. I offered her a Zone bar or a WW muffin instead but she refused. Hey, I tried.

Yay, a good day! I wish I had more protein but at least I didn't pig out. Ugh, the thought of 30-something days left really kicks you in the behind!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 61

Back to town and a new fresh start ahead of me. I feel like by body has changed in the last 60 days but not enough. I think that I can reverse this weekend's damage in the next two days. At least I hope. I now have 40 days to do my thing. Wow, 40 days. Craziness. You are about to see some serious hard work on this blog.

BF: South Beach bar (140)...I resisted the morning pancakes everyone else ate, Snack: Zone bar (190), sugar-free Red Bull (10), Lunch: Cheerios (145), Dinner: homemade grilled chicken salad: chicken (150), mixed greens lettuce (40), dressing (60), rice (80), Snack: plain oatmeal (150), small apple (90) 1045.

Around 5:45pm I did the Shred. I could barely breathe afterwards. I felt like I was doing it with an extra 10 pounds in my stomach.

Days 59 and 60-Catch-up

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had an amazing one! We went semi-camping at the Suwanee River. My fiance's friend's grandparents have a home on the river. We haven't been there in about 1 1/2 years and it is one of my favorite places in the world. We spent the weekend laying around, going out on the boat, building a fire at night and EATING uncontrollably. It was pretty amazing. My last trip to Suwanee before I'm a married woman.

It was really romantic and wonderful.

Needless to say my diet suffered. On Friday I had Chik Filet for lunch but I only had the grilled chicken sandwich, no fries. Later I had rice and chilli and lots of alcohol. I went to bed really stuffed. Snacks that day included Sour Patch Kids and M&Ms. I also had a few Hershey's kisses.

Saturday was even worse. For breakfast I had 2 pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Lunch was a big pasta dish with sausage. Dinner included grilled steak and hot dogs, as well as mashed potatoes, bean salad and corn on the cob. Snacks included peanuts and chips. I didn't have much alcohol on Saturday though.

Um, now I am dreading the dress fitting on Tuesday. Not only did I pig out but I will have my period for the fitting. Wonderful. Thank goodness I did not get a mermaid dress. I would just die.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 58

I am going to aim for another good food day today but with no "bad snack" at the end. Again I work 12 hours but no cycling this morning. I feel really congested plus it is FREEZING outside!

My eating was ok today...I resisted a lot of goodies...including doughnuts at work. I didn't do a small workout this evening as planned but I didn't get home till 10pm and I cooked up some stuff for the is past midnight now and I am heading to bed.

BF: Cheerios (145), Snack: Zone bar (190), Snack 2: hot chocolate made with water (needed something to warm me up...80), Snack 3: 100 calorie bag of popcorn, Lunch: 1/2 wrap (265), bag of Baked Lays (130), Dinner: other 1/2 of wrap (265), Snack: another hot chocolate (80), Snack 2: few chips with guacamole, plus a taste fo the stuff I was cooking for my weekend away (fresh strawberry fruit topping for pancakes and bean salad), about 5 strawberries....So before my after-dinner snack I was at 1255...I am pretty sure I stayed under 1600 for the day.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 57

All of a sudden I am really pumped up!

I woke up this morning at 5:30am and went to the gym for a cycling class. It was REALLY tough. I really regreted having all that junk yesterday. I couldn't breathe!!! I woke up an layed in bed for a few minutes and wanted to go right back to sleep...I kept saying, "Come on, do you want this? Do you want this? If you wanna change your body you gotta get up! NOW!" And I did. I do want it.

I had a pretty good day food wise:

BF: Cheerios (145), Snack: Zone bar (190), Lunch: 1/2 deli wrap (265), watermelon (60), Snack: Activia (110), Dinner: other 1/2 of wrap (265), Snack: small grapefruit (90)...I was at 1125 and I had a bad snack: about 6 bites of cold pizza (so about 1/2 of a slice) (150??) 1275.

Here's some motivation for the day:

Day 56 Catch-up

Wow, this was the first day that I didn't post. I had a really hectic day filled with wedding appointments out of town. I had a chicken sandwich and some fries for BF/Lunch around noon, a cake tasting and then pizza with the parents for dinner. Obviously it couldn't have been much worse of a dieting day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 55

I worked a few hours this morning and drove to a mall that was an hour away to find shoes for the wedding. I didn't have much luck. But when I got home I ordered a few pairs online that I liked. Hopefully one of them will look nice with my dress and will be comfy, and I can return the others.

BF: Cheerios (145), Lunch: turkey wrap and pickle at the mall, Snack: few sour gummy bears from the mall (I know, weak), Dinner: awesome salad that my fiance had mixed greens, jasmine rice, a black bean and corn relish, grilled chicken and guacamole. I ate an orange for dessert. Stupid rule breaking snack: 2 chips with guacamole at 10:30pm.

I went to the gym tonight and it was packed! I focused on legs but I did push-ups and abs between sets. I did some cardio on the stair master and stationary bike.

1. Not eat a single thing past 9pm **(UGH, I finished eating at 8:30, then I forgot about my plan and had 2 chips with guacamole around 10:30)**

2. Try to drink as much water as I can **(Check, I drank about 10 cups today!)**

3. Do cardio on 5 out of the 10 days **(Check, 1 out of 5, I did stair master and stationary bike at the gym)**

4. Lift weights at least 3 times **(Check, 1 out of 3, I did a killer lower body workout)**

5. Say no to the sample meals at work **(Check, easy, I only worked a few hours in the am)**

6. Not eat any chocolate (except Zone bar chocolate) or ice cream **(Check)**

7. Do push-ups daily **(Check, I did a set of 20, then 2 more sets of 10)**

8. Do 100 crunches daily **(Check)**

9. Do the Shred Level 3 once **(Not today)**

10. "Try" to get to bed before 11pm **(Lets just say it is 11:20 now and I am not ready for bed)**

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 54

Ugh work has been stressing me out lately. I had a pretty decent day food-wise.

BF: Cheerios + fresh strawberries (160), Snack: Zone bar (190), Lunch: WW meal (290), Snack: baked Tostitos chips (200), homemade guacamole (300), Snack: small grapefruit (90), Dinner: same as breakfast (160)...1390 for the day.

1. Not eat a single thing past 9pm **(Check, I think my last bite was around 8:15)**

2. Try to drink as much water as I can **(Check, I drank about 8 cups of water today, which unfortunately is an improvement...I will aim for at least 10 tomorrow)**

3. Do cardio on 5 out of the 10 days **(None today)**

4. Lift weights at least 3 times **(None today)**

5. Say no to the sample meals at work **(Check, I resisted the chef salad with fried chicken strips)**

6. Not eat any chocolate (except Zone bar chocolate) or ice cream **(Check)**

7. Do push-ups daily **(Check, I did a set of 20, followed by a set of, I used to be able to do tons more...I am glad I am starting these up again)**

8. Do 100 crunches daily **(Check)**

9. Do the Shred Level 3 once **(Not today)**

10. "Try" to get to bed before 11pm **(Kinda check, it is 10:52 and I am about to get into my PJs, brush my teeth and get ready for bed)**