Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 73

Morning weigh-in: 134.6. Don't ask me how this is possible. I have been under a lot of wedding stress lately so maybe thats it. I am pretty much at wedding goal right now but we'll see. I'd kinda like to get down to 132. This is only because my aunt and uncle from Germany are coming in the week before the wedding and he's a chef...haha...and my aunt makes crazy cakes and pastries...there is no doubt in my mind that I will gain 2 pounds the week of. Plus I am keeping in mind all the goodies and alcohol that will be served at my bridal shower and bach party in 2 weeks.

I planned on going to the gym this morning but things got a little hectic. I had to make 100 wedding phone calls at 9am. We went to my fiance's dad's long-term girlfriend's home and she gave us each a facial. It was very relaxing. We ended up having dinner with them and staying really late.

My eating was a disaster today. But I am perfectly ok with that. Cheat days are necessary here and there.

BF: 1 cup skim milk (90), Lunch: pork salad at our favorite restaurant in Satellite Beach (white rice, black beans, tons on sour cream, lettuce, salsa, chopped cabbage, pickled carrots, special spicy sauce, Hawiian style pulled pork on top), worth every calorie, Snack: 4 single wrapped chocolates, Dinner: Carrabas: Chicken Gratella (630), house salad (45) with creamy dressing (???), garlic mashed potatoes (???), 2 slices of bread (150), mixed veggies (50), tiramisu (???)...I would guess close to 2500-3000 calories for the day. Well, I guess every metabolism needs a little kick in the pants every once in a while.

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  1. Good job on reaching your goal, that must feel awesome!