Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 61

Back to town and a new fresh start ahead of me. I feel like by body has changed in the last 60 days but not enough. I think that I can reverse this weekend's damage in the next two days. At least I hope. I now have 40 days to do my thing. Wow, 40 days. Craziness. You are about to see some serious hard work on this blog.

BF: South Beach bar (140)...I resisted the morning pancakes everyone else ate, Snack: Zone bar (190), sugar-free Red Bull (10), Lunch: Cheerios (145), Dinner: homemade grilled chicken salad: chicken (150), mixed greens lettuce (40), dressing (60), rice (80), Snack: plain oatmeal (150), small apple (90) 1045.

Around 5:45pm I did the Shred. I could barely breathe afterwards. I felt like I was doing it with an extra 10 pounds in my stomach.


  1. Unfortunately I don't get any week days off.. I'm a Monday-Friday 830 to 530-er...

    But can you imagine? We'd beat the crap out of ourselves!

    At least you did the shred, and you're making an attempt to get the eating under control!

  2. I havent seen a recent pic of you but you have been working so hard,I'm sure you look great!Everyone deserves a break,you got it out of your system,now get back on track. :) I'm cracking down this week too!

  3. Thank you so much! Things have been really hard with my mom. We about lost her after the surgery. She got a case of acidosis (spl??) due to her diabetic medication. It was very scary!

    I appreciate your compliments and your support!! I need to be more like you and get on the exercise train!!! I've been so lazy lately!

  4. OH!!! I forgot to say something else! You would NOT look like a man with short hair. It would be cute! I think you have beautiful hair, though. I always wanted darker hair, but I look a little gothic with anything darker than my original blonde.