Monday, February 9, 2009

Ten Thing I Love

The lovely Irene ( tagged me to write about 10 things that I love that start with the letter "C". I am very proud of myself for responding to her tag because I am usually very lazy about things like this, hehe...

1. Croatia: I was born in Croatia and moved to Florida with my parents when I was 5 years old. Croatia is a beautiful country. I got to take my fiance there a few years ago and he loved it. If you ever decide to go, don't miss the city of Dubrovnik (very romantic!).

2. Chocolate: Yes, I can't live without it. I prefer milk chocolate over the rest. A year ago I discovered the beauty of putting some white chocolate chips into my oatmeal. It was a short-lived love affair. I was addicted and had to stop myself from ever buying those chips again.

3. Cardio: Oh wait, wrong post, not "Things I Hate". Its a rare occasion that I actually enjoy doing cardio. I love a good run here and there. I like long walks. I like a good workout video that kicks my butt. I do, however, like to....

4. Cycle: Cyclying class kicks my butt. I dread going but I feel empowered afterwards. Each time I walk out of one I feel like I accomplished something great. Then I want to sleep.

5. Carbs: LOL, you would think I was writing in a weight-gain blog. But yes, I love them.

6. Cameras: I love taking pictures. My fiance and I are on the hunt to finding the perfect camera for our honeymoon. We want something kinda fancy but not too bulky. I also want a new mini one for everyday use. You gotta love the memories a picture captures.

7. Campfires: Nothing beats crowding around a fire on a cold night with close friends, music and stories. Alcohol and smores make it even better. I might as well add canoeing under this one.

8. Canada: Frankie and I got engaged in Banff, Canada. It was so gorgeous there. The mountains were spectacular and we saw lots of animals, which I adore.

9. Conversation: My fiance claims that my favorite hobby is talking on the phone. I love catching up with old friends. I love laying in bed with my fiance and spending a good hour talking about random stuff that gets our minds thinking.

10. Cards: I love sending them, receiving them, making them and saving them. Its an all-around feel-good thing.

I am sure I missed some of my favorite things. Here is a picture Frankie took of me in Croatia:

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  1. Aaww that is a cute pic, you look like a model! =)