Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tagged Again!

I was tagged by my newest follower, Jenny Lo ( to list 6 things that make me smile. Here we go:

1. My fiance cracks me up on a daily basis, almost hourly basis. I am so lucky in that respect.

2. Any kind of animal. I love watching them do their thing. It always cheers me up. Especially if it is something silly such as the following:

3. My family. A good sense of humor is pretty hereditary in my experience. Listening to my cousin Sandra is always hilarious.

4. My friends. I love them. I have such loyal, trustworthy, caring friends. I feel blessed.

5. Seeing the number go down on the scale, haha.

6. Thinking about my fiance refering to me as his "wife". Weird, but so cute.

I am tagging the following:

Nicole (

Devon (

Amber (

JC1234 (

Counting Down (

Soontobehealthybride (

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