Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Crazy Catch-up

Ok, I have be MIA! Here's the short of it...

Day 86

I worked a 12 hour shift in preparation for a really fun weekend ahead. I can honestly say that I don't remember what I ate all day. My knee was really bothering me in the morning so I didn't workout. I ate a bunch of cookies right before bed. I stayed up really late to pack for the weekend.

Day 87

Morning weigh-in: 135.4. I got up and ran a bunch of errands before I headed to South Florida. My knee was killing me once again so I decided to let it heal and not workout. I picked up two wonderful friends from the airport (who came all the way from Texas and New York for my bridal shower). We spent most of the day at the mall and then went out to dinner, which was really fun but I ate like crazy.

BF: Cheerios, Snack: Zone bar, Lunch: 1/4 of a sub, 2 pieces of a California roll, Dinner: New York strip steak, baked potato, salad, piece of bread and butter, few glasses of wine.

Day 88

My Bridal Shower! And Bach Party!!! Ok, I had a GREAT day. I woke up and had a small workout. I ran 1/4 mile, did some weights, ran another 1/4 and did a few circuits. I had a wonderful time at my shower, even though I ate LOTS of food...steak, salmon, caesar salad, fruit, cake, more cake, cookies, etc. Later I went to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, where my friends got a room and decorated it wonderfully. We had a blast...we danced till 6am. I slept from 7-10 and woke up for the check-out.

Day 89

At 6am, after all the dancing, I ate a fatty smothered chicken sandwich and fries. It really made me lose my appetite for the day. Especially since I drank so much alcohol. I had 1/2 smoked turkey and cheddar wrap for lunch. For dinner I nibbled on some desserts left over from the shower and a small sandwich. I also had a few bites of pasta.

Day 90

I weighed-in at 132.4!!!!!!!! I almost died on the spot. But then again I was severely dehydrated from the weekend. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted for the rest of the day, including a huge bagel and cream cheese for breakfast. I had some amazing pasta for dinner that Frankie made and about 400 calories worth of cookies.

Day 91

Morning weigh-in: 135.3. Ok, back to normal. But then again I do have my period. I went to South Florida AGAIN today for a few appointments. Last night I got 4 hours of sleep and I woke up with a sore throat. All this craziness is catching up with me.

BF: Zone bar, Snack: piece of chocolate, Lunch: small sandwich, Dinner: really big sandwich, 1 1/2 slices of my mom's "Krem Snjita" (cream slices), a piece of some other kind of dessert.

I am hoping I am not too sick for work tomorrow. I really need to get back into the workout scene. My goal is to get in 3 good weight lifting workouts before the wedding, at least 1 Shred and run a few miles. I also wanna get some push-ups in. I can't believe I only have 9 more days!!!!

Oh, by the way, I had my final dress fitting today. The dress looked AWESOME!!!! I was so happy with it. The bad news: It was a LOT tighter 2 weeks ago. If I lose 1 more pound it will be too big. I wanted the lady to take it in a little more at the waist but she didn't feel it was the right thing to do. Now I can't lose any more weight, which actually upset me earlier. I wish the dress was tighter. We'll see how it goes.


  1. you go girl! you've done an AWESOME job! My dress should be in soon...I hope it's too big for the first fitting. I know your stress with it too big though...it will all work out and I'm sure you'll look GREAT!

  2. Yeah my mom isn't wanting me to lose anymore weight.. Whoops.