Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Major Catch-up

Ok, I have been slacking on the posts but then again my wedding is in 16 days and I have a million things to do!

Lets see....

First of all, thank you to everyone who posted comments on my previous post (and all the ones before that for that matter). Your support means more to me than you could know. You have really kept me motivated and I realllllllly appreciate it!

Day 82

Sunday we went to a post-wedding brunch and I pretty much nibbled on whatever I wanted all day, I didn't workout.

Day 83

Frankie and I ran errands all day long. We got our marriage liscence, hiking shoes for our honeymoon, and picked out the tuxedo accessories for the guys (I know, we waited till last minute). We ate Chinese food for dinner and again, I didn't workout.

Day 84

I went to south Florida again. This time to finalize things with the florist. The centerpieces turned out gorgeous! I am really excited about them. I ate my usual BF (Cheerios), 1/2 sandwich and frozen yogurt for lunch, snacked on some potato salad, pork and a slice of bread at my parents' house, had a slice of bread with Nutella, and for dinner I had 3 slices of wheat bread with some turkey kielbasa. Not the best, but I have been worse. I didn't workout.

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