Sunday, March 1, 2009


The wedding was wonderful! We had such a good time. Not only that, but the whole thing calmed my nerves about our own wedding. I'm so glad my cousin's was before ours!

The day started out great. I did the Shred level 2 and ran some errands. I was late as usual so I had to skip breakfast. Little did I know that this would mean not eating a single thing until the cocktail hour at 6pm! At the cocktail hour I had a mini burger, a few spring rolls and a crab cake. I had some white wine as well. For dinner we had a mozzerella, tomato and vegetable salad, a lobster tail, a piece of filet and some kinda of potato patty. I also had bread and butter. For dessert we had wedding cake, which was strawberry, and a bunch of goodies from the dessert table. I had about 2 chocolate chip cookies, a brownie, a chocolate covered strawberry and about 3 of these chocolate rasberry bite size mousse things. Yummy. I also had a few whiskey sours, champaign and who knows what else. So lets just say I made up for the day's lack of AM eating. Oh well, weddings don't happen everyday.

Frankie and I at the beginning of the night:
After dinner (and a few drinks):
With the lovely bride and groom:
With my parents:With my aunt, getting ready to go home:


  1. You look so pretty. I love that dress!!!

  2. Wow, you look awesome! All that hard work paid off. =) That dress is so cute!

  3. LOVE the dress! You look so good too-motivation for me to be as healthy as you until our wedding. Good luck with the last few details.

  4. look at that dress, hot mama! love it!

  5. wow, you look great in all those pictures! your hard work has paid off!

  6. To reference a previous post - I love you too woman, and I know where you're head's at, so I understand. To reference the above pictures - I hate you so much =) In the most loving way possible... You look FANTASTIC, and I want your arms... Only 19 days until your wedding and 97 days until my wedding! <3Heart<3