Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 45

So last night I was in a bad mood and I was hungry...this is a bad combination. If I had been in a good mood, I would've went to bed hungry. But I wasn't, so I ate 3 slices of wheat bread (150) with Smart balance spread and jelly (???). My morning weigh-in reflected a slight gain: 136.8. I'm still ok with that.

BF: Fiber One bar (140), Lunch: "Italian" wrap from deli (I am sure this was a million calories since it had hard salami, provolone and some sort of spread on it). I was very hungry and in a hurry to eat. The Italian wrap had been pre-made so I got it. Snack: whole grapefruit (120), Dinner: pasta with marinara sauce and grilled chicken (small/medium serving, homemade so not too fattening)...then I got possessed by a crazy cow of a woman and ate 2 bowls of Cheerios, a slice of bread with butter and jam and a bunch of pistachios. Now, it is no surprise that I feel like absolute crap right now. Tomorrow I will weigh in at 137 or 138.something. Ugh, some of it will be binge weight, not true fat obviously. I will need to shed it by Monday (my goal is to be 136.something on Monday morning, since I am going out of town for the weekend and food intake is always harder to control that way).

I went to the gym before dinner and had a pretty good workout...a little bit of everything...some weights, some abs, some lunges and 20 minutes on the stair master. I wish I had done the Shred today. Tomorrow I am going down south to see my dress and pick up our rings. On Sunday I have a makeup trial. I think that since the weekend is so packed with wedding stuff that I will be too excited/motivated to eat all the goodies my parent's house always contains. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Hey Girlie,Just do your best!I've been doing horrible!It seems like things come in three's I came home today and my puppy collapsed on the floor.I have to take him to the vet next week to get a bunch of tests done.O boy!Stay Strong