Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 41

I don't know if I was bloated yesterday or dehydrated today but I'll take it: 137.4!!!

I went to work for a few hours and then straight to the gym. I had an awesome workout. I did an hour long kickboxing class that includes 15 minutes of hardcore ab work. The I did leg extensions and hamstring curls (5-6 sets of each) and 10 minutes on the stair master.

BF: Cheerios (145), Pre-workout snack: Activia yogurt (110), Post-workout snack: Mojo sweet and salty bar in "peanuts and pretzels" (200), Lunch: whole grapefruit (110), Boca chicken patty (150), 1 slice of wheat bread (50)...765 so far...Snack: orange (60), hard-boiled egg (80), Dinner: bean salad, corn and lima bean medley, 2 scrambled eggs, pasta with parma rosa sauce, 2 cookies.

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  1. Hi Girlie!Don't worry I am still weighing in,I just decided to do it every week instead of everyday.Monday morning seems to be lucky for me so thats when I'm going to do it.Don't worry so much about your number,if your doing what your suppposed to thats all that matters,you are doing a lot of strength training w/cardio so I'm sure you are firming up!Stay Focused on your goals! :)