Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Rule of Weightloss

This is the simple version of my theory on how to lose weight. It is a priciple I try to follow as much as possible. I have preached it to friends in the past. It makes weightloss MUCH easier.

Magic Rule:

If you REALLY like it, don't eat it (at least not regularly).

This rule mainly applies to snacks, but also to all meals that are not considered "special". I honestly believe that success in weightloss is very difficult if you are surrounded with temptation. Now, you may be thinking I am talking about a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream or whole bag of Doritos. Nope, I am talking about something much more common...(**cue suspense music**)...the 100 calorie pack (or anything else you can think of along those lines). For example, you may be counting calories or watching your portions or eating small meals throughout the day...all those things lead to results but your efforts can easily be destroyed if you are reaching for a small 100 calorie bag of Cheetos. Chances are that you will not be satisfied with one. Maybe you will resist another, but you will still yearn for it. Why not eat something like one of my crappy homemade protein bars instead? You will still be full, and it is so gross that your appetite will go on strike.

Think about are making a sandwich. "Hmmm....should I eat it as dry turkey on wheat with a slice of tomato or should I put some mayo on it (I mean, it is only 60 calories or so)?" Put down that jar!!! If I ate a turkey sandwich with mayo, which I LOVE, I would want another. If I ate it dry, I would reach for some water and hope that I don't have to torture myself with another dry bite. But I am full, and satisfied and not craving more.

Don't even buy foods you love. When you "cheat" or treat yourself, go out and buy a single serving of the stuff. Like ice cream or a chocolate bar. Or save that special dressing or side of chips for a cheat meal. Why surround yourself with the enemy? Not to mention that 100 calorie packs are not nutritious. You are not doing yourself a favor by eating them. You could eat a large, juicy, fiber-full, filling, piece of fruit instead.

I know this because I have tried every diet in the book. And I know if I have a half-gallon of ice cream, whether it be low-fat frozen yogurt, regular, Healthy Choice or Weight Watchers, I will not eat just one serving. If I do...I will still want will consume my will drive me CRAZY!

Making the decision to make this kind of change in your diet is tough. It doesn't mean you have to eat stuff you don't like. It just means not keeping stuff you are tempted by in the house. One of the things I have done is replace my beloved chocolate Fiber One bars with Zone bars. I still like the Zone tastes pretty good, it fills me up, it has the nutrition I need, it kills my chocolate craving...BUT I don't want a second. One bar is 190 calories (dark chocolate almond). One Fiber One bar is 140. But I would finish the Fiber One bar (and glass of milk) with a smile on my face like a scary psycho and couldn't wait to have another. Out of taste, out of mind.


  1. Fiber One bars kill my chocolate cravings! Love them. I try not to buy bad foods either. If it's not in the house, I won't eat it. I think I'll have to try the Zone bars!

  2. You are so right!I was my turkey down with water a lot,and although it's not my favorite,It hits the spot.