Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 36 Follow-up

My fiance has been super-supportive since I started this blog. He always asks me if I blogged that day and so forth. He says he really notices a difference in my body. Last night he even mentioned that my legs look slimmer. Yay!

So I just told him about my day. I told him how I blame it on my period...yada, yada...and how I know I have been eating some things I shouldn't for the past few days, like krem snjita and the tea cookies and chocolates. So he looks at me and says, "I thought the name of your blog was No Excuses?"

Wow, I needed that. I mean, the truth is I haven't been that good for the past week or so. I have been writing down excuses regularly. Now, I feel that it is ok to treat yourself or cheat every once in a while but come on. I haven't had one good, clean, day in a long time. He totally motivated me back into seeing the real purpose of this excuses. One hundred days isn't eternity. I know I can finish strong.

I officially apologize for my recent excuses. I feel so empowered by his little sentence. I feel like it snapped me back to reality.


  1. Hey,
    Nobody is perfect!We all have bad days.The important thing is that we recognize the problem and fix it.For someone who has struggled all there life with weight I believe it is inevitable that I will have my weak days, we just need to accept it and move on.Today isa new day!Stay Strong

  2. What a supportive fiancé! I think you are doing fantastic! Sometimes we just need a little nudge to help us remember what the big picture is. Can't wait to hear how this next week goes for you. Keep up the hard work!