Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 27

Morning weigh-in: 138.2, which I am happy about. Weight fluctuation is normal, especially since I had my kiddie-size treat last night.

BF: Cheerios (145), Snack: homemade protein bar (90), Lunch: I had a big lunch since it fell right after my workout and I was STARVING, protein shake (175), homemade wrap (290), last little bit of that ice cream from yesterday...about 4 wonderful bites (150 as an over-estimate???), Snack: fruit and nut bar (170), Dinner: It was a big one...I had a slice of mango before dinner (I was going to have a bunch for dessert) but something was wrong with it. It was very bitter and I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth. I had a little bit of juice, no help, milk, some help, slice of bread and Smart Balance...better. Then I had a big bowl of chicken and dumpling soup. I am a little too full but at least my workouts today make up for it.

Around noon I went to the gym and did upper body...chest, bi's, tri's, back and shoulders. I lifted as heavy as I could and I did a lot of sets on each body part. You know you had a good workout when you are sore right away. Recovery is going to suck, but the pain is almost rewarding at the same time. My legs are sore from those walking lunges yesterday. I am a little suprised about that.

This afternoon I got fitted for a bridesmaid dress. I am in my lovely friend Nicole's wedding in June and I am super excited about it. I have been thinking about revealing my measurements all day and I figure I might as well. My bust (of which there is extremely little) is a 34 (**clears throat and whispers**): a 34 with my padded bra on. Waist: 26.5 and hips: 38.5. It put me at a 6. Even though my bust was a 4 and the hips don't matter because the of the shape of the dress, the 4 called for a 25 inch waist so I got the 6. My waist doesn't have much fat on it so I am not going to risk it. I will have to alter it in the bust. If I recall correctly, my hips were a 42 or something along those lines when I got sized for my wedding dress in October. I will have to call the bridal shop and ask for my measurements.

Around 6:45pm I did the Shred. I also did leg lifts afterwards and spend 10 minutes stretching. One of my goals is to gain a little flexibility. I am as stiff as a board.

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  1. Great job with all that working out.I have to start doing some more weights.Stay Strong JC