Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 31

Today was an action filled day despite my being sick. My fiance and I went down south to look at wedding bands and for an hor d'ouevres tasting at our reception venue. I think I have a sinus infection. Hopefully it will run its course and by Monday I will be hitting the gym.

I ate very little in the first half of the day. First of all I wasn't very hungry because of the head cold and second because I knew I would eat a bunch at the tasting and dinner at my parent's house afterwards. BF: small glass of OJ, Lunch: Zone bar, Snack: (6pm) hor d'ouevres, all bite size (1 1/2 vegetable spring rolls, 2 lobster quesadillas, 1 coconut chicken, 2 mushroom cheese puffs, 2 spinach cheese puffs, and 2 beef franks en croute, 1/4 glass white wine, Dinner: small serving of penne pasta with beef marinara sauce, small amount of salad (no dressing) and a slice of my favorite dessert of all time that my mom makes, "krem snjite", translated to "cream slices". Obviously my diet wasn't ideal today. But then again I don't feel like I set myself back.

My parents noticed the change in my body, even since Christmas. My dad told me to put on a few...I think only half joking. He is used to his little girl having more of a rounded face.

Oh by the way, we ordered our wedding bands! They match! They are each plain platinum, rounded and shiny. Mine is a 2mm and his is a 4mm. We got them for a really great price. I'm pretty excited about it.

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