Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 52

Morning weigh-in: 137.3...a small loss, but still a loss.

This morning I went to the gym before my 12 hour work shift and did an intense upper body weight training session for 50 minutes or so. One of the trainers put me in my place by saying, "Haven't seen you in here for a couple of days". Dang it, now I have people actually noticing my recent slacking!

Post-workout protein: 1/3 c. milk (30), BF: Cheerios (145), Snack: Zone Bar (190), Lunch: grilled chicken (100), plain black beans (75), small bowl of mozzerella and tomato salad (300?), Snack: sample of food the grocery store was serving up (150), Dinner: vanilla cone from McDonald's (supposedly 150), few strawberries (15), small pigout on pistachios (??)...approximately 1155 before the pistachios so I dunno.

Very stressful day at work...I know this sounds stupid but it took all my power not to have a chocolate doughnut from the bakery due to the stress. Hopefully tomorrow will go smoother.


  1. haha my kickboxing instructor does the same thing to me if I miss a class. I can't wait to hear what she says next week.

  2. Good job on resisting that doughnut, a stressful day at work can lead us to do crazy things!