Sunday, December 21, 2008

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Not to be cheesy but what a powerful question. No wonder it is the theme song of the Biggest Loser. I mean, think about it...did you just live your life today as usual or did you actually accomplish something? Did you get up an hour early and actually work towards your goal? Or did you sleep in because one excuse or another kept you in your comfy bed? Did you refuse to eat junk that was offered to you? Did you spend an hour making mini meals instead of buying unhealthy food at work? Its funny how quickly we forget our goals when the temptations of food and laziness come along. What dress? Oh, I'll look fine. He loves me the way I am...

I feel that if someone is serious about a diet or exercise program, they should feel proud 8 days out of 10 at least. And they should almost never answer "Yes" to the opposite question...What have you done today that you are ashamed of?

I realize that in all my years of dieting I didn't always feel proud of myself. At the end of the day I was satisfied with the fact that I didn't eat the kind of junk that others around me ate. I was satisfied that I walked 1 mile. But I didn't make sacrifices to acheive my goals. Not ones to boast about. When I watch the people on the Biggest Loser workout I, they weight 3 times as much as I do and I don't push myself that hard. I still don't on most days. But isn't admitting that you aren't doing enough to transform the first step?

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  1. Hi 100days,
    I like to think I do something everyday to make myself pround,since I work in the operating room making sick adults and chilren better.But It's time that I also focus on myself and make myself happy!It will make me a better person all around.Time to foucs on the positive!Stay Focused JC