Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 2

This morning's weigh-in: 143.6 (I knew I was dehydrated yesterday.)

Today went really well. I woke up at 5:30am and did a 6am cycling class. It kicked my butt. I worked from 9-9 and came home and did Day 1, Week 3 of the one hundred push-up challenge.

I ate really well all day too. BF: plain Cheerios and milk, Snack: Zone bar, Lunch: cottage cheese, 100 cal popcorn, Dinner: Smart Ones meal. All before 8pm. This was about 1150 calories. I was really hungry tonight so around 10:30 I had some wheat cereal and milk. Together, about 1350 for the day. Not bad considering I did that cycling class. I only wish I had eated more protein.

Tomorrow is going to be a loooooooong day. I have 6 different wedding appointments. I doubt I will get to workout at all tomorrow. If anything, I will do some leg lifts and crunches before bed. I bought some Zone bars to bring along incase I need a quick bite.

If my weight goes up tomorrow, I will let the number roll off my back...I know I had a good day.

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