Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 17

Morning post-holiday weigh-in: 139.6 (haaaaaaa-llllllleeee-lujah, ha-le e e e-lujaaaaahhhhhh).

This is kinda too embarassing to type out but here goes....

I slept in till almost 1pm. I ate Cheerios. My fiance and I didn't have anything in plan for the day so we decided to go out with his friends tonight (a lot of them are visiting from out of town and we haven't seen them for a while). Since my social life in this new town is extremely limited I got excited to get pretty and wanted to devote the day to doing something that will make me feel that way. When I was in college, my best friends and I would have days where we were really excited to go out...we would go to the mall and get a new outfit, do our nails, tan by the pool and then listen to music while we all got ready. Those we the days! Anyway, so I put on my gym clothes, and set out to run a million errands. I went to the mall and got 2 pairs of new jeans at Express (they were on sale!). And get this...they are both size 6!!! I even bought a new shirt for the fiance that he wanted. Then I went straight to the gym. I was kinda light headed so I bought a bag of pretzels and a bag of fruit snacks at the gym and ate about 1/2 bag of each before my workout. I did back and biceps. I wanted to cram in a cardio workout so between sets I would do about 40 lunges really fast to get my heart pumping. It felt really good to lift. I guess my whole 10 day focus on legs went down the drain. =(
Anyway, so I like to tan in the sun. I gave up tanning beds a long time ago. But I am the most pale I have ever been so I decided to look online earlier in the day to see if there was a Planet Beach in the area. I got so lucky because not only did I find one 3 minutes away from my gym but it is not just a tanning salon, it is a spa version of Planet Beach. The website had a "3 services pass" coupon for first time visitors! So I went there and and did their hydration theray (pretty much a cocoon shaped thing you get into that acts like a sauna). I think I lost 3 pounds of water weight in there. Then as my second free service I did a stand up tan. I still have one service left. Not sure what I will do. They said I can use it for a mystic spray tan but I am kinda nervous to do that. Especially since the girl that was telling me how natural it looked was kinda orange.
So I rushed home to get ready. It was 6pm by this time and the fiance wanted to leave between 6 and 7. Yikes. Naturally we didn't leave the house till 8, haha. I'm a loser. So we went to a party and then to a bar. All night I was starving and ready to eat afterwards. I had 2 beers and a cranberry-vodka. We almost stopped by a McDonalds but both the fiance and I talked ourselves out of it. We got home at 2:30am. I ate 450 calories worth of food and went to bed.

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