Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 15

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Morning weigh-in: 139.1 =)

I most likely won't be posting tonight. My fiance and I are going out of town to visit my parents directly after work. We will be spending the night there (so no Christmas morning weigh-in) and going straight to his sister's house the next day. I am not sure what we are doing after the Christmas festivities and I'm not sure how late we will be getting home. I will probably get to post tomorrow night. Otherwise...I will update all three days on the the 26th.

I plan on eating very healthy all day because I am sure we will be having a big dinner at my mom's and dad's tonight and we will be eating it late. Christmas breakfast is always pretty big as well. I know I will be able to be good at my future sister in law's house. They usually eat really healthy.

I am hoping not to be above 140 point something on Thursday. That might take some work.


  1. Hi 100 days,
    Happy Holidays!Yeah thats my plan as well be really good during the day so I can have a little treat each day.Have a good one.Stay Strong JC

  2. 4 TRUE pounds in one week! You realize thats FANTASTIC? Have a VERY WONDERFUL Christmas, and I hope to see you very soon! Love ya!