Friday, December 26, 2008

Catch-up Day 15 and Day 16

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Both my fiance and I worked till 7pm on Christmas Eve. We then drove 1.5 hours to my parents' home and spent Christmas Eve with them. We had Christmas breakfast with them as well and then drove 2.5 hours to his sister's home. We spent the day/evening with his family.

Day 15

Up until 9:30pm I ate about 750 calories...BF: Cheerios, Snack: 4 Combos my co-worker had, Lunch: Lean pocket, early dinner: Lean pocket (the day was so busy I really had no time to eat, I didn't even have time to order a was frozen food or nothing). I didn't over-eat on Christmas dinner. I had a little bit of everything and only one serving: Small piece of roast beef, small piece of duck, 1/2 small potato, beet salad, mlince (Croatian dish I compare to stuffing), sauerkraut. For dessert I only had 3 bite-size homemade cookies.

My parents noticed my small weight loss! My dad actually commented that I needed to gain 3 pounds. I think he was kidding but he did tell me not to lose anymore. I wanted to tell him that he doesn't know whats under my jeans but that would've been too much information.

Day 16

I guess we could almost call this day Cheat Day 2 but then again I was pretty good compared to how I wanted to eat. BF: small piece of Italian fruit cake and 1/2 cup milk, 2 bite-size cookies, 1 tiny slice of bread with 2 pieces of cheese, few cherries. Once we got to my fiance's sister's home, we had some appetizers which I will call Lunch: few tortilla chips with spinach/artichoke dip, 4 bite-size strips of seared tuna, pasta and brocolli salad, 2 slices of tomato with fresh mozzerella, couple of sugar-glazed pecans. Dinner: Small piece of grilled swordfish, small piece of chicken piccata, 3 fingerling potatoes, streamed brocolli (they are very healthy eaters, thanks goodness). I didn't eat any bread and butter, which was difficult. Dessert: slice of chocolate cake, a bunch of dark chocolate covered pomegranate (these are amazing by the way), 2 bite-size tea cookies, few more sugar-glazed pecans, some more chocolates later on. I know, haha. I love sweets.

It could've been a lot worse. But the horrible part is that I didn't exercise at all. I will defiantely workout hard core for the next 3 days. I really need to build some muscle. My thighs are flabby.

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