Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 19

Ugh, I woke up bloated and feeling like crap. I should've known better not to weigh myself: 140.1. Serves me right...what was I thinking yesterday...salty pistachios, salt and vinegar chip, beans and bread so late at night and a Skinny Cow ice cream cone right before bed that I didn't log in. Geez, now it sounds bad. Back to Cheerios and low fat today. We are having dinner with my fiance's dad tonight so I'll have to order grilled fish and steamed veggies instead of pasta at one of my favorite Italian places.

BF: 1.5 servings of Cheerios with fresh strawberries (250), Lunch: 1/2 ham sandwich and Skinny Cow ice cream cone (300), Dinner: Ugh...2 rolls with garlic butter (I would honestly call these rolls "small" compared to most restaurants), salad with italian dressing, baked salmon with a side of angel hair pasta and marinara sauce, Snack: Skinny Cow ice cream cone + piece of chocolate. OK, obviously something is wrong with me. I really have to crack down tomorrow. I work my usual 12 hours tomorrow so hopefully I can control myself and not eat after work. I am going to try to make it to the gym before work.

So I had 2 semi-bad days in a row. This is where the true test of strength comes in. I personally believe there is a huge different between "cheating" on a diet and "breaking" a diet. Every diet break begins with a cheat. But every cheat doesn't lead to a break. I feel a cheat is necessary for diet sanity. The problem comes in when you cheat for longer than a day or two. This is when you get so down on yourself that you continue cheating...leading to gaining all of the weight back that you worked so hard ot lose. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I have to keep reminding myself how good those size 6 jeans feel. Tomorrow marks the end of 1/5th of my journey. No excuses!

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  1. Hi 100 days!
    Hope your Holidays were great!You are so right about the cheat/break thing.Thats why I am in the position I am in today.Don't fret just get right back on track!We are here for each other.Stay Strong.JC