Wednesday, December 10, 2008

100 Days to Go

I joined The Knot a few months back only to find out I had under 200 days till "the big day", March 20th. At that time, I swore up and down that this was the time for change. I was going to workout daily, eat right, and take care of myself (do my nails, hair, take vitamins, use special skin creams, etc) in order to get in ultimate shape and look my very best on my wedding day.

Almost 100 days later and no real progress has been made. I keep fluctuating between 140 and 145 pounds. I keep eating well for a week, only to ruin my hard work in 2 days of binging and laziness. I do believe I have gained a little strength and muscle in the past few months but not nearly as much as I should've.

With only 100 days left, I have no excuses.

This is the last time in my life that I will be able to say, "I have 100 days till my wedding, I still have time to reach my goal." Why would I let this opportunity pass me by? Only to wake up on the day of my wedding and not like what I see in the mirror? To not be in shape for my Honeymoon? To not look back at my wedding albumn and say "Wow, I really worked hard to look like that, and it payed off."

Now, to those of you who think this may sound very each his own. I realize that looks aren't everything. I realize that there are much more important things in life. I realize I will still be extremely happy on my wedding day regardless and that my fiance will still love me whether I change or not. This is one of my personal goals. This is my journey to get there.

Thanks for reading. =)

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