Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 11

Morning weigh-in: 141.1

I can't get out of this 141 business. I guess I can't complain because I couldn't get below 144 for a while. Plus I did just have a cheat day.

Well day 1 of legs went really well. I was at the gym by 7:30 and lifted for almost an hour. I focused on leg extensions and deadlifts. I did a lot of lunges and a few sets of leg curls. Right now both my quads and hams are on fire. I seriously ripped my muscles to the max. I hope I can walk tomorrow. I worked 10 hours today and will work 7 tomorrow.

My food intake was pretty good. BF: Zone bar around 11:30, Lunch: 1/2 of my usual turkey wrap, Snack: sample of grocery store meal, again pork and potatoes (about 4 bites), Early dinner: other 1/2 of wrap around 6:30, Late dinner: 1 slice of ham, 5 tortellini, few bites of bean salad, 2 small slices of fresh cheese, 1 slice wheat bread with small amount of butter and jelly. Before the "Late dinner" I was at about 1050 even if this was 300 or so I am ok with that.

I expect to weigh 2 pounds or so more tomorrow. My muscles are extremely worked and I expect them to hold on to water. I will try to not beat myself up when I see the 143 pop up. I guess i am a little bit number-obsessed. I try to think it out logically but all I want is to be in the 130s right now.


  1. Hi 100 days!I found you on the knot website and I feel as though when I read your blog that it was my own.We have a lot of the same views and, frustrations I have 154 days till my wedding and I'm ready to get my ass in gear!My goal is 35 pounds.I'm 5'10 188 yikes I hate to write that ecspecially since the when I originally started working out at the begining of the year I was 165.That hurts so much to know that I F*cked up big time.It kills me to keep starting and failing over and over!I need to change forever.My upcoming wedding is the perfect opurtunity to get in shape and stay in shape.So I can prance around Maui on my honeymoon in a two piece.Anyway loved your blog I started my own Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged about the scale as they always say muscle weighs more than fat.focus on how you feel! :) talk to you soon JC

  2. Great job on getting started! Its really tough to stick with a diet and exercise plan but I feel like this blog has helped me stay on track. Hopefully yours will help you as well. You are very tall so I am sure you can carry your weight well. Don't get too frustrated. Whats done is done, now you can start fresh. Best of luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  3. Thanks for the advice!Your right whats done is done!Check out my blog once in a while I want to feel like someone's watching :)keeping me honest.JC