Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Inspiring Friends


My friend Nicole and I have beein dieting buddies since we reunited in college. Our weights tend to fluctuate and talking about losing is our favorite topic. Nicole's goal a few weeks ago was to lose 60 or so pounds before her wedding in June. She recently started medically supervised weight loss and has lost 12.5 pounds in the last week! I am very proud of her. She says she is forming a new relationship with food.

If you have even had a weight problem you know that it is a mental battle. If you disagree, try to go on the 48 hour Hollywood diet where you drink nothing but juice for 2 days in a row. You get so pumped up about trying it that you maintain your will power for 2 days. At the end you take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and think, "wow, for the past 2 days I haven't eaten any solids...What if I was allowed actual meals? What if I ate a few healthy things throughout the day? That would be a treat compared to juice. What am I doing pigging out on loads of food if I can actually survive on 2 days of liquids?" You just need the mental strength to tell you you don't HAVE TO eat something that is sitting in front of you. You will make it. You will survive without it.


Cristina is my friend from school, who I have the pleasure of living with for two months this past spring. During that time, I was in a high motivation mode. I was working out daily, if not twice a day. Cristina and my fiance would sit on the couch at night eating ice cream while I tried hard not to think about food. She said that she wanted to lose weight by her wedding (2/28/09) but she just wasn't ready to commit to a program. Cristina commited about 2 months ago and has lost 14 pounds! She watches what she eats and she is starting to exercise. I saw her at her bridal shower this past weekend and she looked amazing. I could really tell the difference.

She has a really interesting perspective on weight loss....her motto is "There is no way I am going to cheat now. I worked way to hard to lose this weight and I am not going to mess it up and have to start all over again." It makes me think about all the times I re-started in my life. Dieting is hard. Why do it over and over and over again? Instead, make a lifestyle change that involves less strict dieting and focuses on consistency.

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